Friday, May 13, 2016

Colorful Cat Collages

With these colorful cat collages, now I can have a cat, at least a paper one, in any combination of colors that I want! My cat Sylvia will love these!
Cat With Butterfly by Cindythecrazycatlady on Etsy
Throughout our three decades-plus of marriage, the cats our family has loved lived very long lives and, of course, we were very attached to each of them. As a way of honoring the special memories our precious felines provided us, I've always thought that the next cat we added to our family would be one that looked like a combination of each of our previous cats, all rolled into one, like a living cat collage.

Then I came across cat art. Specifically, I discovered cat collages, paper art with colorful cats, created in the minds of then constructed by the hands of amazingly talented artists. Now I can have a cat, at least a paper one, that's any combination of colors that I want!

In my mind's eye, I see my current make-believe cat, Sylvia, differently from day to day. She's evolved as a combination of the best features of our previous cats, which would make her a fluffy tortoiseshell tabby with orange and gray stripes, a large patch of silk-like white fur on her chin and chest, a black half-mustache, and eyes that change color from light blue to intense green, depending on her mood. Or mine. She would be a beautiful collage.

I love this cat art!

There are many styles of cat collages and it's tough to choose a favorite so, to feature here, I picked out three examples of paper collages that I particularly like.

The colorful cat pictured above is called "Cat With Butterfly," handcrafted with a touch of calico, a hint of tortoiseshell, and a huge portion of "cute." All of my former cats' colors aren't there, but this adorable feline does bring to mind something special about each one's personality. Don't you love how it looks at the butterfly?

With its various colors and patterns, this cat collage shows off the personality of a paper cat that reminds me of my real ones!
Calico, Tortoiseshell, Tabby, Marmalade Cat
by Cindythecrazycatlady on Etsy
As different as it is from the first picture, the calico, tortoiseshell, tabby, marmalade cat in this picture with the green border also reminds me of our previous pets. There's orange for Peanut, green eyes for Dandy, a bib for Oreo, and white whiskers to represent Dusty. I love seeing so many features rolled into one, just as I had imagined in a real cat!

Both of these cat collages were created by the same artist, Cindy Stammers. You'll find these two pictures plus many more in her Etsy shop, called Cindythecrazycatlady. All of her work is made with loving care using archival quality papers so they'll last for a very long time.

Torn paper and acrylic cat collage by Roxanne Propp on Etsy, from
Christmas Kitty from StylisticCharm on Etsy
The third picture is similar to the others but features a slightly different technique. The artist, Roxanne Propp of StylisticCharm, calls this piece "Christmas Kitty" and, indeed, you'll see Father Christmas, some seasonal holly, and a few Christmas stockings when you look closely at this gorgeous cat with, as the artist describes, "the mysterious glimmer of Christmas in her beautiful green eyes." This picture is made from torn paper then enhanced with acrylic paint. What a beautiful result! While perfect to display during the Christmas season, I believe this artwork deserves a spot on the wall year-round.

If you prefer yet a different style of cat art, you'll find hundreds of examples from dozens of artists at this link to cat collages and other cat art and collectibles. What wonderful gift ideas for the special cat lover in your life!

My cat Sylvia will love these! How about you?

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