My Cat Sylvia is a fantasy website/wish list for cat owners and cat lovers. Look for cat tales, tips, and gift ideas for cat lovers among our reviews.
My Cat Sylvia is a fantasy website-slash-wish list for cat owners and cat lovers. Sylvia is a cat created from this author's imagination, based on a combination of the very best qualities and meowmories of the cats who have owned the author throughout her adult life.

She thinks of Sylvia as her "inner cat" or "muse."

Since the author's most recent feline crossed the Rainbow Bridge some time back, an onset of allergies in the family has kept her from procuring another real-life cat. Thus, the existence of Sylvia.

Sylvia lives in the author's head, in a mansion with great views, screened porches, and climbing-trees indoors and out.  The author's imaginary unlimited budget allows her to acquire (and review) all the things Sylvia needs and, especially, all the things the author wants Sylvia to have.

Every perfect cat toy, automatic litter box, life-like cat tree, soft cat collar, adorable ID tag, and all the other cat-necessities that are mentioned on these pages have not necessarily been used or tested by the author, but she does rely on the expert opinions of other cat lovers and cat owners to help formulate her own, expert opinions. Like Sylvia, your cat deserves the very best, so that's what we keep a constant eye out for.

You might occasionally find a cat tale or tip among our reviews, too, as well as exceptional gift ideas for cat lovers. Be ready to pounce when you see those as some are one of a kind.

If the author were able to adopt a cat into her family, these items would contribute to the lifestyle she would insist on providing for that cat, which she would name Sylvia. Or Joel. We hope our reviews, our stories, and all the cat information you'll find here make both you and your cat purr. And come back for more.

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I miss them every day.